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Food as Medicine

Learn what Mother Nature has to offer in her pantry that support gut health and natural healing ...

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Toxin-FREE Living

Learn ways for cooking, cleaning and caring without the use of harmful and synthetic chemicals in your home ...

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Immune System Support

Learn the natural ways how our bodies support a stronger
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Restorative Rest

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Breastfeeding for Foundational Health

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It is our dream as parents to create a world for our children that is safer, kinder and healthier -- that is, free from anything toxic and destructive in their lives.

Kelly has been part of the movement ... inspiring and changing the lives of hundreds of families through educating and empowering women to incorporate Nature's Gifts of the Earth in their home AND daily lives.

NOW it is your turn to answer the call to a revolution ... be part of the movement and join mothers and women who are honoring and blessing other women by helping them live more and become fully alive through NATURAL HEALING and INTUITIVE WISDOM!

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Kelly Sullivan

Kelly is a breast-feeding mom of seven, vaccine-free and healthy children with robust immune systems. When Illinois politicians tried to force vaccinations onto all children, including homeschooling kids, she joined a movement to stand up for the health and freedom to say NO!

Kelly is a Wellness Advocate who coaches and mentors hundreds of moms on how to live a natural, healthy, toxin and vaccine-free life using practical wisdom and doTERRA essential oils.

In addition, she is a professionally trained classical dancer who knows how we need to be integrated in our body, soul, and spirit. When Kelly is not walking in the grass with her shoes off, she loves to bake homemade sourdough bread and heal the broken hearted. She also enjoys strong coffee, local beer, and good books!

Learn Kelly's secrets on how to live your best life!

Sara J. 

"Kelly is an extraordinary leader in the natural health space. She has walked the path and has been through the crazy chaos and the unspeakable joys of being a mother. The wisdom she has to offer is unmatched. I go to Kelly when I have a question about natural medicine and kiddos! I am so thankful to call her a friend."

Nyssa G.

"I trust Kelly completely with my family’s health. Even with her very busy life, she is responsive and patient to my many questions I have as I become more knowledgeable in living a pure and clean life. Her advice has time and time again been proven the best way to solve any health or spiritual concerns I come across. If you are recovering from a c-section or have a teething baby who can’t sleep, Kelly absolutely is the one to ask! These are just a couple of real-life examples where she has been instrumental for my family.

My baby’s first year of life went smoothly with minimal teething pain/sickness and good sleep due to Kelly’s knowledgeable health and spiritual advice. My whole family has benefited greatly and I can’t recommend her enough!

All parents should strive to be as knowledgeable as Kelly when it comes to knowing the best healthy habits for their children and themselves. She sets the bar high!"

Jocelyn O.

“Kelly Sullivan is an unparalleled resource for authentic holistic living. Her wisdom runs deep and wide, as does her heart and sincerity in helping all who cross her path to restore health and well-being to mind, body and spirit. As a mother of pre-mature babies and a son with cerebral palsy, Kelly has been my go to resource for nurturing my children through extreme illness, hospitalizations, surgeries and ongoing therapies. Kelly’s calm coaching during times of extreme stress has kept me grounded while working to restore my children’s health and strengthen their immune systems. I am so grateful to call her both friend and mentor on this journey through motherhood.”

Andrea H.

"The word that comes to mind when I think of Kelly is: Selfless love. Kelly has impacted my life in so many levels. From introducing me to a holistic lifestyle to being a spiritual mother and everything in between. Kelly was a key instrument of God in my life and continues to be. I can say with a solid conviction that her fiat to God’s calling of bringing forth healing, not only in the natural realm but specially in the spiritual realm, into this broken world has changed many, many lives, including mine and for that I am so grateful."

Live fully alive ...

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"The best gift we can give our children is an environment of love, security, and health -- with reverence for themselves and others.  As mothers, we can show them what nature has gifted us and empower them to make healthy choices for their bodies (as well as souls) so that they may live fully alive and pursue their destiny and change the world."
~ Kelly Sullivan